Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paint Chip Calendar With a Twist

This post gives the instructions for how to make a calendar out of paint chips. You will be able to write on it and erase it each month with Dry Erase Board Markers. The "twist" in this project is that you can add a picture to the calendar (this step is optional).

I originally got this idea from Unfortunately, I cannot credit who posted it because I was not a member of pinterest at that time and therefore could not repin it.

This probably took me three to four hours to assemble (because I wanted the squares to be as straight as possible). I gave it to my cousin for Christmas (she's an Audrey Hepburn fan) and she absolutely loved it!

Here is what you will need:
  • paint chips (choose a color theme ie. my cousin's room is red, so I chose different variations of red) (be sure to buy more than needed, so you have plenty colors to choose from) (I had trouble finding anything but small paint chips at Walmart; I had to go to Home Depot; I also saw some at Super Walmart)
  • glue (i prefer glue sticks over Elmer's)
  • scissors (you can use different shape bladed scissors to jazz it up, but I used a straight blade)
  • picture frame (with glass) (the size of frame will be determined by the size of the calendar you create) (I bought a cheap, but efficient frame at Hobby Lobby)
  • cardboard or poster board (this is for the background of the calendar and it WILL show through, so choose a color that goes with your theme) (I used the backing of the picture frame; this ensures that the calendar will fit in the frame perfectly) 
  • hot glue gun and sticks (only needed if adding the picture)
  • glossy-paper picture (like the one I used of Aubrey Hepburn) (again, you only need this if you are adding the picture) (you can get this done at Walmart for really cheap) (I don't know how this would work with regular paper... if someone tries it, let me know how it worked out/looked!) (my picture was an 8x10, but it just depends on how big your calendar is and what will look good on it)
  • markers (preferably sharpies!!)
The Process:
  • Cut out a square from one of the paint chips to the desired size of one calendar square; use this as a template to trace and cut the other paint chips to desired size. (cut out more than needed so you will have plenty of colors to choose from)
    -- How many chips needed depends on the content of your calendar
        -- Just a calendar with no days of the week or picture will need 35 paint chips. This will make a 7 days 5 weeks calendar. (If you would like to add a "notes" column on the side... add 5 more paint chips)
        -- A calendar with the days of the week, but no picture will need 49 paint chips. This will make a 7x7. (If you would like to add a "notes" column on the side... add 7 more paint chips)
        -- A calendar with just the picture, but no days of the week will need 40 paint chips. This will make a 8(day)x5(week) calendar. (The extra day is to make the picture seem less crowded on the calendar, but you can take this column away if desired.) (You may have to adjust this one.. I am basing my math on the one I made which is the next selection.) (If you would like to add a "notes" column, it will have to go above the picture.. but will need that 8th column.
        -- A calendar with both the days of the week and the picture will need 56 paint chips. This will make an 8(days)x7(weeks) calendar. (If you want to add a "notes" column it will have to go over the picture.. unless you would like to add a 9th column, but that may be too big... see my example of the finished product to see the "notes" column.)
  • Lay out your calendar squares the way you want them to look when finished (leave a few centimeters between them).
  • Measure the length and the width so you will know what size frame you need.
  • Glue (with either Elmer's glue or glue sticks) the squares in the preferred places on the backing or poster board (it helps if you lay them all down first and begin gluing the outside columns and rows).
Next three steps for adding a picture:
  • Take a left over paint chip and trace it all over the back of the picture (like a tic-tac-toe board).
  • Cut out the squares; if you want, you can cut around the main object to make it stand out more (see my example).
  • Starting at the bottom right corner, hot glue the picture in the corresponding squares.
Last steps for both variations:
  • If you made enough columns for days of the week, write those in each of the squares at the top with a sharpie (or leave them blank and write them with the Dry Erase Marker when in the frame.
  • Put it in the frame and enjoy your snazzy calendar!!

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